We all know that it is vital to the life of our communities that we work hard to partner with local businesses to keep money flowing within the local economy. This is the best way to ensure that our local communities stay strong, no matter what comes our way! Another important reason for choosing a local community group to work on the projects in your home is that these groups and companies will be better equipped to advise you as to the correct steps and methods for picking the best things for your home. This could not be more true than in the case of home decor, especially window coverings. While window coverings are certainly a matter of personal taste in many respects, window coverings are also a matter of communal and regional needs. For example, if you live in an area that does not get a lot of sunlight, you would want to select blinds and shades that enhance the natural lighting rather than blocking it out. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you find that natural lighting is not something you struggle with, perhaps getting window coverings to reduce the amount of natural lighting that is coming in would better serve your needs. Regardless, if you live in Denver, you must work with Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. for all your window coverings!

Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. has been a staple in Denver since 1994 as a source of premier commercial and residential window treatments for your home. No matter what your window covering needs turn out to be, they can help you identify the perfect windowhttp://www.blindsindenver.com coverings to solve the issues you are facing. Maybe you need blinds for your office building, or perhaps you are looking for the right blinds to reduce the amount of heating coming into your home through your windows. Whatever your custom window coverings needs may beyou can count on Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. to make a difference in your home or place of business. Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. is the perfect local company to work with because they are well aware of the amount of sunshine that we get throughout the year. This can be a really positive part of our climate, but it can also make temperature control and shading in your home tricky. After all, you do not want your upholstery and carpeting to fade prematurely because of all the sunlight trickling in the windows. Finding the perfect window covering to provide the right amount of shade for your home could not be more important, and Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. can help.

Finally, Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. is committed to getting you the most functional window coverings in addition to the most stylish window coverings! They can help you identify what is popular in Denver and the surrounding areas so that you get window coverings, blinds, and shades that look great in your home and are also just as stylish as you are! Never underestimate the importance of a good set of blinds and shades. Call Cloud 9 Designs, Inc. today to find the blinds and shades that are right for you!

http://www.fineshadings.comWhenever you are doing work on your home, it’s important to find great companies to work with.  Your home is most likely your most valuable item you own, and therefore it should be treated as such.  However, there are so many countless companies that offer home renovations, upgrades, or construction, it can be difficult to determine which one is the right choice for you.  If you make the wrong choice, the part of your home that you are renovating could come out looking worse than it was before the work.  This is absolutely true for window treatments.  Fortunately, there are some key traits that all great companies have.  Here are the five key traits of all great window treatments companies.

1.  Transparency.  The first thing you need to look for in a window treatments company is transparency.  This is two-fold.  First, they should be transparent about the types of services they offer, the products they have for sale, and their past work.  Second, they should be transparent about their costs.  Companies that are transparent are essentially saying that they have nothing to hide, and thus are confident in the quality of service they provide.

2.  Dedication to customer service.  The second thing that all great window treatments companies have is a dedication to customer service.  This means they are willing and eager to help you understand the differences between products, and that they are willing to answer any questions you might have about blinds and other window treatments.  The more dedicated they are to customer service, the more they care about their craft, and the higher the quality of service you’ll receive.

3.  Affordability.  The third trait of all great window treatments companies is affordability.  To be fair, window treatments can sometimes be expensive, depending on the type of window treatment you are looking for.  Great companies understand this, but they have ways of cutting the costs to the consumer.  Make sure that the company you choose is competitive, and isn’t out to simply make as much money as they possibly can.

4.  Communication.  The fourth trait of all great window treatments companies is open communication.  If the company you are thinking of choosing takes a long time to return your phone calls or answer your emails, they are not the kind of company you want to be working with.  When you are installing window treatments, things can change, and you might decide you want to go with an entirely new treatment.  In this scenario, it is crucial that you are working with a company that values communication so they can make changes on the fly.

5.  Variety of products.  Finally, all great window treatments companies offer a wide variety of products, so you will be sure to find something you like.

There are numerous companies across the country that have all five of these characteristics, but one company in Florida stands out.  Fine Shadings & Decor is a great company offering shades, shutters, blinds, and other window treatments.  If you live in the area, they are the clear choice for all of your window treatment needs.

One of the best things about owning your own home is that you get to make it your own.  You get to choose the types of flowers you grow outside, the colors of the walls in the house, the color of the house on the outside, the type of furniture you have in each room, and more.  There are certainly luxuries that come with owning a home that simply aren’t there for people who rent.  When you are renovating your home and making it your own, it is never a good idea to forget about your windows.  You windows are one of the most prominent things in your home.  They are one of the first things people notice from the outside or the inside, and they are also the way in which light enters your home.  Having the right window treatments in a particular room can give that room a wonderful level of lighting.  The opposite is also true, of course.  One of the less used, but most aesthetically pleasing types of window treatments is drapes.  In case you need encouraging, here are five reasons to add drapes to every room in your home.

1.  Lighting.  The first reason to add drapes to every room  in your home is the lighting effect they bring.  When drapes are pulled back, but still slightly over the corner of your windows, they focus the light into a particular area.  This gives an incredibly pleasing lighting effect, that can draw people’s attention to particular areas of your room.  For example, if you have a wonderful looking mantle in your living room, you can situate the drapes to draw the light to that area.

2.  Aesthetic.  Ultimately, drapes simply look great.  They can add prestige to any room in your home, and they can also be used to complement other window treatments in a room such as the shutters.  When you enter a home that has drapes on all of the windows, you immediately get the feeling that the person in the home really cares about it.

3.  Colors.   A third reason to add drapes to every room in your home relates to colors.  Drapes come in a wide variety of designs and color, making them a great tool to add design to any room in your home.

4.  Value.  Another reason to add drapes to your home is that they increase the overall value of your home.  This is relatively true for anything that you add to your home.  If you are planning on selling your home in the near future, adding drapes is a great way to improve your success when people are walking through the home.

5.  Privacy.  The final reason to add drapes is that when they are lowered they greatly increase the privacy of a particular room.  This is great for bedrooms and guest bedrooms.

One great window coverings company, Cloud 9 Designs, really understands the value and appeal of drapes.  They offer an incredibly wide variety, and are willing to sit down and discuss with you the types of drapes that would look great in your home.  Contact the professionals like Cloud 9 Designs to make sure you get the drapes that are perfect for your home.

When you think about your home and the theme that you try and have in your house, it is important to also keep in mind how your window blinds help or hinder that theme.  You would not get a dark colored window blind, as far as the author knows, if you also wanted to have a modern theme in your house.  When you are thinking about what you would do at your office or for the entire office, you can throw out the theme idea and think much more about the pragmatism of each of your options.

For many offices, the most popular option is leaving the windows empty.  They now have a special coating that allows for only light, and not heat, to get through the window.  This allows for an office to be very well lit without acting as a greenhouse for everyone that is inside.  Nevertheless, in many spaces, you may also want to have some window coverings in your office.  These window coverings can vary, but some of the most common are just a larger version of what you would have in your house.

commercial shadesIf you start to think about the most common type of window covering you can imagine, the type that has the option to convex or concave, depending on how you tighten the stick thing, you can imagine those in your office.  No, it probably would not win the office of the year award for aesthetics, but it is an option.  No, you shouldn’t actually go with that option unless you want everyone in your office to be angry with you.  If you are in the market for a good window covering, consider purchasing something that acts as drapes or blinds for the windows. Shades for businesses are intended to allow for privacy, sunlight, and focus for the employees, but there are also some that are meant to block out the sun entirely.  These would be used in a conference room or a place where a projector would need to be utilized.

When you are thinking about all of the options that may be available to you, it is also worth considering asking some of the professionals that may be available in your area.  Many of the design specialists are out there to help you work through the window treatment problem that faces you in your new office.  Each room is different, from the conference rooms to those rooms that have a ton of natural light intending to be flooded in, you do not need to make all of the decisions yourself.  That is why one of the best options out there is to check out a place like Commercial Drape.  Commercial Drape Unlimited is a conveniently located warehouse that will allow for you to see all of the options for your office. They have a number of friendly staff that will walk your office through all of the options that may work and some that you may want to look at anyway.  It’s a great service.

http://www.blindsanddesignsnc.com/Purchasing window treatments can be a long and tedious process.  This is due to the high volume and variety of products that are offered.  Walking into a location that sells all types of window treatments can be like walking into a candy store on a budget: there are so many things that look great, it is difficult to make a decision.  Fortunately, there is one company that stands out among the rest for window treatments, so this can narrow your search.  That company is Hunter Douglas.  Here are the top four reasons you should choose Hunter Douglas blinds.

1.  Amazing quality with a lifetime guarantee.   One of the biggest reasons to choose Hunter Douglas products is their superior quality compared to any of their competitors.  All Hunter Douglas products are assembled in the United States, and they are designed there too.  This means that they don’t leave the important part of putting their product together to someone who is on the other side of the world.  If they did this, if there were any problems, they would be incredibly difficult to address.  However, if there ever is a problem with their product, they also offer a lifetime guarantee.  Companies would never offer a lifetime guarantee if they did not believe in the quality of their product.  If they did that, they would end up losing way too much money.  When you buy Hunter Douglas, you can be confident in the quality of product that you are getting.

2.  Innovation and energy efficiency.  One of the other main reasons to choose Hunter Douglas for all of your blinds needs is that they are always looking to make their products better.  This type of innovation means that you can find the most energy efficient window treatments in the business.  It also means that you will be able to find models and fabrics that no one else has to offer.

3.  Privacy and light control.  One of the most important functions of blinds and other window treatments is to make sure that you get the privacy and the kind of light that you want in a particular room.  Hunter Douglas products offer fabrics and materials that no one else has to offer, and they have an incredible variety.  What this means for you is that you will be sure to find a product that gives you the kind of lighting that you want in a room, as well as the level of privacy that you are looking for.

4.  Child safety.  Window treatments, unfortunately, can sometimes become a hazard to small children.  Therefore, it is important to choose a window treatment company that values child safety.  Hunter Douglas is just that company.

One company in North Carolina that offers all kinds of Hunter Douglas window treatments is Blinds and Designs.  Blinds and Designs offers Hunter Douglas shades, blinds, and shutters.  They have been in the business for a long time, and they understand why Hunter Douglas products are the best.  They also will be able to help you determine just which window treatments will look great in your home.


Our homes are so important to us which makes sense why it is so important for us to find a company that can help us decorate our home in a way that fits our budget, our space and of course our style. There are many different home decorating companies out there and so it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which ones will be the best for you. It can all Hunter Douglas blindsdepend on what exactly you are looking for in your home but there are some really excellent companies that take care of everything from window treatments to flooring. One such company is called Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. of Studio City, CA and Tarzana, CA. They provide the best of Hunter Douglas window treatments and also have the best carpets around. You wouldn’t have been able to guess that by the name, would you?

For those of you who don’t know, Hunter Douglas window coverings are widely accepted as the best quality of all window coverings. They in fact are one of the few brand name companies that are so widely advertised on a company to company basis. Buying Hunter Douglas products ensure that you will have blinds, shades or shutters that will look amazing in your home for years and years to come. Forget about getting new blinds, you will like them so much that you will remodel your house around them because they will last. Though who are you kidding, you are gonna want to get new blinds because it is so fun picking from the wide selection of Hunter Douglas products that Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. has provided for you and your home.

Redecorating your home can be a daunting task. While also extremely fun there are a lot of  loose ends that need to be put together. Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. is here to help you get everything you need for your home all together. They believe in the power of having a home that makes you smile. When you get to have it reflect your own style then there is something so powerful about that. Their selection allows you to do so. Something that definitely makes people smile at home is having comfort in their home. Nothing says comfort like carpet does and so with Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. you can be sure that you will find the carpet that you want to have for your house to reach the maximum amount of comfort levels, if there is a max on comfort.

From window treatments to flooring Custom Blind and Carpet, Inc. is here to help you and your family get the home that you have always wanted. They care deeply about making sure people live in a space that makes them happy so let them help you get your home the way you have always dreamed. Located conveniently in Studio City, CA and Tarzana, CA you can find exactly what you are looking for at either location. So check out their selection today.


The dog days of summer have arrived with a vengeance. They are long, long, long and swelteringly hot, with skies a brilliant and blinding blue that swims with heat waves and lack even the slightest wisp of a cloud that might promise even the slightest bit of shade or moisture (passing airplanes cast more shadow than any errant cloud might at this point). We are, to put a fine point directly on the matter, utterly and sweat-drippingly miserable. Staying wrapped up in air-conditioning that struggles to keep it much cooler than eighty is depressing; stepping through the door feels suspiciously like getting punched in the lungs by a sauna, sans the protection four walls and a roof provides against the sun’s brutal rays.

Which is why, in a fit of pique and defiance against that great solar entity, my wife and I researched, compared, and purchases two Virginia retractable awnings in the course of a week. We were done being beaten down and broken by the summer sun, done hiding inside for all but the very earliest morning and latest evenings’ rays. No, said we, we would defeat this beast! Or, at the very least, extend the borders of our territory and continue hiding from it but this time outside.

Despite the speed of our purchase, our research was thorough—we ruled out building an entire extension of the roof very early on, and quickly moved into comparing quality and durability of the several brands of awnings available to the general public. We did not need something to outlast any storm—that was not the problem of our town, after all—but we did need something that would resist sun bleaching and other such issues associated with constant and brutal exposure to the sun.

The retractable awnings were a simple affair, striped dark green and black to match our shutters, and cast a shadow as dark as the sun’s rays were bright onto our deck. We were thrilled. We could step out from the kitchen and into the great outdoors without wearing full-body protective armor against the laser-like sun. Many an iced tea were made and sucked down in the afternoons, not under the afternoon sun, but in deep, deep shade, with a fan and spray bottle of iced water each to spritz ourselves with and keep cool after a long day’s work. It was a fierce battle that we waged the first few weeks of having our new retractable canopies; we hosted several small parties, cooking food daringly out of the protection of the house on our long-neglected grill and devouring watermelon with messy joy in the fine darkness cast by our awnings. No one ventured out into the sun. We all knew, knew that it just wanted to burn us to crisps. We had won this small battle, and we reveled in our victory.

The dog days of the summer are dragging on—and on, and on, and on—as they do around here, and my wife and I do not spend quite as much time so defiantly out under our new awnings, but we still will step out to witness the sun release its hostility as it sinks beneath the horizon with grace. We have stopped thinking of it quite as fiercely malevolent now that we are not trapped inside by its rays. A peace has been brokered.

When it comes time to have your custom windows made, you should know that there are some easy steps you can follow to make the whole process smoother. If you are having a professional custom windows installation service then most of this information will not be applicable for you but if you have decided to do it yourself, these tips might save you from serious problems.

The first thing you want to determine is; does the wall have the capacity for a custom window. This means that you need to check your home plans; if you don’t have them you can probably call your builder and have the send you a copy. If you live in an old building then you might need to call in a pro who can help you determine the correct space for a custom window to be installed. The reason it is so important to make sure that the place where you want to place your custom window is correct is that there may be electrical wires in the walls. Running into an electric wire might kill the power in your home and give you a nasty shock on top of that. The other important thing is to be assured that the place you’re installing your window will not compromise the structural integrity of the home. Some walls are not made to withstand construction and could cause serious damage to your home. If the area you have selected for a custom window is not right for construction, you might just consider getting a fun new set of shutters to give your window a custom feel without all the risk involved in building onto a structure.

If you have determined that the wall is apt for a custom window, the next thing is going to be choosing a good custom glass. The glass is the most important consideration since it will be the deciding factor in the kind of light that enters your home. You can always get some shades to go over the glass and control the light that enters but the color of the glass is not so easy to change. You are going to want to make sure and select a glass color that fits the mood you are trying to achieve. If you want to really brighten the place up, you can get a glass with a slight yellow coloring. If what you are looking for is a cooler mood, then an off blue will certainly do the trick. It is important to remember that the amount of light that comes through the window will determine how much of the window’s glass coloring enters. In areas with less sun light, select a more drastic color to get the room looking the way you want. If there is plenty of sunlight, use a colored glass with only a slight amount of color as the sun will intensify the effect of the colored glass. No matter what custom window you select, it will be sure to give your house or apartment a personal feel that will make your home feel a little bit more like a home should.

Cubicle curtains have a number of different applications in the business world, regardless of the kind of operation you are running. In fact, there are a great many different ways that a cubicle curtain can make a huge difference in the work that you are doing. It is important to understand how different types of commercial window treatments can make a difference for your business and pick the ones that will be right for you!

One such application of cubicle curtains is in the hospital setting. There are so many things that are traumatizing about being in a hospital, no matter how old or young you are. There is the fact that you are sick enough to have to be put in the hospital in the first place, but then there is the additional fact that no one likes having to be away from their home and http://www.commercialdrape.com/their friends and family in order to heal. The best medicine is a comforting environment where you can feel at home, and if you are stuck in a highly sterile unfriendly environment, then you will not feel entirely comfortable and able to heal. This is a problem, because you need to have all of the best things around you and going for you in order to get better. This could not be more true if you are a child. Imagine how terrifying it is for young children to be stuck in the hospital for extended periods of time. They will feel sicker and more upset just because they are in the hospital and away from their family, and it is important for hospital staff to make sure that kids feel comfortable in their environment. One great way that a hospital can turn this attitude around is through creating a welcoming environment through cubicle curtains. These are truly a kind of custom commercial shade that is necessary and indeed quite critical to creating the right atmosphere for children who are ill and in need of some special love.

Cubicle curtains come in lots of different patterns and with many different models, and different business handle cubicle curtains differently. One business that is particularly skilled in providing just the right kind of cubicle curtain for the occasion and atmosphere you are working with is Commercial Draperies unlimited. They have a huge supply of patterns for the curtain itself and also have three different Graber headrail systems to offer so that you end up with the kind of headrail system and fabric that is best for the work that you are doing. Whether you are selecting a cubicle system for a hospital or a doctor’s office, or if you are using the system in a different setting, all systems come with a chain controlled rotation and cord controlled work, or you can choose an automated movement with the One Touch wand controlled system. Regardless, you will find the right kind of cubicle curtain for you! Keep all your options in mind when picking out commercial window treatments and shades to get the best items for your company.

Drapes are such an important part of your home. Every one knows this. They are the window into your home and the eye into the outside. You see them all the time, day in and drapesday out so it’s very important that you find blinds that suit your style, your home and your function. Something else that every one knows is that there are a ton of different businesses out there that offer window treatments but only a few offer the high quality brands, various designs and window coverings that are going to fit your budget. That is why Drapery Works out of San Francisco, CA is such a great choice for you and your family. They have a great selection of Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters which are widely known to be the best in window coverings because of their knowledge, experience and skill at making window coverings that work for your home and that will last for years and years. No one wants to buy something that will immediately fall apart. We live in a culture where we are constantly replacing the old with the new and with Hunter Douglas shades, you don’t have to worry about having to replace the old because they will be around for you for years and years.

If you and your family are looking for some blinds that will suit your home and your budget, then I strongly encourage you to check out Drapery Works in San Francisco, CA because they are home to many different Hunter Douglas shutters and other window treatments. Finding quality things for your home is so important so you are not constantly having to make repairs on something that you bought only a year or so ago. With Drapery Works, they will make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Those blinds will be in your home or work place for years and years so it’s a wonderful thing that Drapery Works offers you so many different designs so you can find the ones that will suit you and your home for all the years that your window treatments will last in your home which will be for a quite a while.

Drapery Works also offers to the public excellence in design consultations. Sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking about putting new things into your home, especially if you are trying to find something that will fit with every thing else that you have in your home. It can also be overwhelming if you are starting from scratch and you are doing a complete make over to your home. No matter what you are doing in terms of design in your home, Drapery Works is a place that will make sure you are getting something that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Hearing about Drapery Works there can be no denying that they are a company that will offer quality window treatments that will liven up your home and bring a smile to your face for your face for years.